About Us

So that you know who we are and where we come from

We're specialized in offshore assets

WESTSHORE provides an array of specialized consulting services in the areas of Energy (renewables and oil & gas), shipping financial services, paralegal and legal support and environmental services.


WESTSHORE is the leading offshore chartering broker in South America and in the North Sea. Our offices are also present in Singapore with chartering and S&P activity. Westshore provides full technical and commercial vessel valuation reports, chartering and S&P support.



WESTSHORE delivers the most accurate market information on offshore assets in Brazil with its own populated and dedicated database. We run full bid processes for our clients and help clients budget for their sourcing and procurement.


WESTSHORE solutions division is able to support our customers’ businesses within the areas of decommissioning, ship repair, shipbuilding and insurances.

Our History


Westshore engages in greener transitions
Westshore opens its financial advisory desk
Westshore enters the renewables energy segment as developer with VENTO LESTE ENERGIA


Westshore enters the well stimulation segment with an award for an exclusive partner
Westshore delivers its first integrated gas-to-power study


Westshore delivers its first integrated decommissioning proposal in Brazil
Westshore starts their integrated logistics services consultancy division


Westshore launches the fully independent consulting teams
Westshore enters the rig market in Brazil and launches Westshore Analytics market version


Westshore becomes a registered member of BIMCO
Westshore launches the Westshore Analytics Beta version


Westshore becomes a listed Transpetro (Petrobras) vendor
Westshore breaks into Tankers


Westshore breaks into offshore wind
Westshore creates its first market analysis database, root for Westshore Analytics


Westshore Raffles established in Singapore


Westshore starts its consultancy division


Westshore is established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Westshore won the Gasellene Prize in Norway, as the fastest growing company in Vest Agder with more than 90 million NOK in turnover


Westshore`s headquarters moved to Kristiansand and assumed a younger, creative and competitive management model and diversified the business


Westshore Shipbrokers AS was founded in Stavanger - Norway

Creative & Brilliant People

Intelligence Heros Make The Company Proud

Alexandre Vilela

Alexandre Vilela (ALEX) is co-founder of Westshore in Brazil (2010) and the Managing Director of our local business. Alex is further the global CEO of our Westshore Group including our offices in Norway and Brazil. Throughout these 11 years with Westshore Alex has given support to several of our customers in fully integrated projects including rig moves, chartering of vessels, financial advisory, project management, among others.

Luiz Monteiro

Luiz Monteiro (LUIZ) joined our team as our senior advisor in 2015. In these 6 years supporting our business Luiz has handled our most senior initiatives and helped the teams deliver robust products to our customers in the areas of gas-to-power, engineering, FPSO bid support, decommissioning, among many others. Luiz is our senior advisor and holds the functional position of Head of Consultancy.

Evandro Fonseca

Evandro Fonseca (EVANDRO) is our Business Advisor, having joined our team in 2021, after having collaborated with Westshore in commercial initiatives in the areas of environmental support and final destination of residues from the oil industry. In his current capacity Evandro is responsible for Westshore’s Public Relations, leading our engagement with the customers and the society and holds the functional position of Head of Public Relations.

Wilson Nobre

Wilson Nobre (WIL) joined Westshore in 2011 for his first internship program. Wilson has grown in his career in the company having passed through the roles of trainee, market analyst, shipbroker and currently Commercial Manager of our shipbroking division. The 9 years with Westshore have had an interval when Wilson worked for a fellow shipowner after which returning to Westshore to strengthen our team. Wilson leads market reports in the commercial area where his attributes as Senior Analyst are extremely valuable to our customers. Wilson holds the functional position of Commercial Manager of Shipbroking.

Daniel Angelo

Daniel Angelo (DANIEL) joined Westshore in 2021 and is part time dedicated to the engineering of newbuild shipyard and offshore projects and part time dedicated to the commercial development of shipowners and shipping companies.

Gabriel Guerra

Gabriel Guerra (GABRIEL) joined Westshore team in late 2021 to support financial planning and extend services scope including viability studies and business structuring. Gabriel`s experience indeveloping methods and systems that uses facts and data as feeds gives the rest of the team just the support needed to guide the best business strategy each time.

Raphael Montes

Raphael Montes (RAPHA or HILLS) joined Westshore in 2017 bringing with him lots of technical experience. Rapha is the leading broker for term market in Westshore. With a technical  knowlegde of offshore supply vessels like no other, Rapha gives the best solutions for shipowners to stay ahead of competitors, and also the best assistancy during auctions.

Omar Darian

Omar Darian (OMAR) joined our team in 2016 as an intern in our market intelligence department. Shortly after his first engagement with our brokerage desk when he fixed his first vessel in the spot market, he figured out his real vocation in the shipping industry: Shipbroker! With the experienced Omar gained from fixtures in the spot market and wet/dry towages, he progressed to the sale and purchases segment being now our Head for this department.

João Pedro Lemos

João Pedro (JOÃO) started his first intership program in Westshore in 2019.  Within his 2 years working in the company, As João became more experienced, he gained greater responsabilties being involved in bigger projects. Now João is a junior analyst, responsible for keeping the team informed in lastest news of offshore market and making sure our database keeps being the most updated and attractive in the area.

Camila Lopes

Camila Lopes (MILA) joined Westshore in 2017 as an assistant administrator. During this period, Mila has shown great administration skills and knowlegde of the market, making her way into the head of the administration department. Everything that happens in the company goes through her.